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We started Night Hiking in early High School, typically we ventured out of our houses in search of something new. We were looking for a different experience that would challenge our abilities and give us all a different view of the world and our surroundings. The idea was to wait till after dark and go hiking. We knew of various parks around the area where we lived and would venture out to different ones in search of something new. We typically would find the best entrance that would not look conspicuous and walk through the woods until we found a path. From there we explore till we were content and then make the journey back out, which typically consisted of a longer travel time as getting lost typically happened often. As time went by we learned and mapped out many areas that have come to be our home grounds. Our group has, since then, moved on. Some of us are now living in different states. Yet, we never forget our heritage, what we have learned from it as it has helped create each and every one of our identities.


Adam, (a.k.a. Atom) is a very creative individual, is very head-strong and sometimes foolishly daring. He is wittingly funny and can make just about anyone laugh. Adam works as a 3d animator and editor for a large company currently making trailers for video games.


Jeremy, (a.k.a. Bear) is a beast of a man. As his alias says, he is very much like a bear. Jeremy understands and has a vast knowledge of knifes. Jeremy has a degree in Geology and a Master's Candidacy in Exploration Geophysics and Paleoseismology. He has hiked and camped all over the country with lots of night hiking experience. He currently works for a government contractor traveling the country participating in a vast array of work including, sampling, research, and disaster relief. Jeremy is also a certified Reiki Master. 


Mark (a.k.a. Krypto) is a very versatile individual. He can come up with a solution to most any problem. Mark is working on a degree in Telecommunications and Information Management and hopes to get involved in the global quest to make the world a more functional world by empowering people with information.


Bob, (a.k.a. Sci) is a very mind set individual. He is a great leader and can be classified as a warrior. There is no obstacle that Bob can not navigate successfully. He is very skillful and knowledgeable and has a deep respect for everything around him.

Our personal experiences that we have shared within our group, help define our characteristics and understandings that we have both individually and within the group. We are much like the kids in the "Lost Boys". Some of our adventures in night hiking include traversing a ropes course deep in the woods. Taking blow up canoes across a lake to some island trails. Getting lost and drenched in various swamp lands. Locating and climbing the highest point in our local city. Traversing some underground railroad tracks. Navigating through the deep wilderness country. Most of our night hikes typically go for about an hour to four hours depending on location and how lost we get. The reason why we night hike is to get away from the crazy world and try to experience something that most people would consider crazy.

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