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Krypto says: “It is good to be a ninja while you can and a warrior when you cannot.”

There are some cautions to pay attention to when going night hiking.

In this, we create our disclaimer and help you understand what problems you may run into when night hiking.

Tresspassing: The first issue we deal with is trespassing. It is given that most urban and rural hiking areas are most likely a park of some sort and depending on where you live it typically is a rule of thumb that these parks open and dawn and close at dusk. This concept really hinders on the night hiker as most places you will go hiking, given the time, will be considered as trespassing and you can receive a fine or ticket for being in here during the night. We can give you some advice but, do advise you to be aware of this rule.

Rules of Thumb (noise):

When you are hiking at night it is best to not be too loud. In this circumstance it is likely that you may cause a disturbance that will increase local watch over the areas that you hike.

It is best to leave people that you know can not keep there mouth shut behind.

Since most of these places close earlier than you are hiking, your best bet is to find an alternative path into the park or woods, somewhere you can inconspicuously get to the trails without people seeing what you are doing.

Rules of Thumb: (lights)

Another issue which is discussed in the gear section is the use of a flashlight. Do not use your flashlight unless you need to. It will provide a more stealth approach to your hiking and not give away your position to anyone that might notice your presence.

Bugs and Animals: Another caution is bugs and animals.

Rules of Thumb:

Try to remain covered and don’t bring any open food with you unless it is sealed up. Most insects and animals are attracted to scents that will lead them in direct path with you.

While most of the time this is considered to not be a problem, if your in a woods with larger creatures such as bears, best be conscious of this occurring.

It is also given, that at night most bugs will come out. Keeping a move on it is best for you because if you stop for too long in one place as they will swarm you.

Branches and Twigs: Another caution for you to consider is since you will be hiking at night, you must protect yourself from branches and twigs that you might not see while hiking. It is very easy to forget and run your face right into a branch or other small sticks that protrude from branches that are very hard to see at night.

Rules of Thumb:

In order to help you, when in doubt keep your arms up in front of your face and move them from side to side. This technique will save you many times.

Find a good hiking stick that you can use to both help you hike as well as allowing you to hold it out in front of you incase you get into a bushy area.

You can buy a nice bamboo stick from a supermarket which is great to use, since it is very strong wood. 


We at are not responsible for any acts created by you of unlawfulness, tresspassing or stupidness that may, in any way, cause others or yourself to be harmed.



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