If getting out in the woods at night is just not a good enough reason or does not seem like your cup of tea. We have some good ideas on some fun things to do while Night Hiking.

The first concept is called geo caching. You can find all the information and sign up as a member from this site. http://www.geocache.com. You will need to invest in a portable GPS system to be able to participate in this, but I find that it is well worth the expenditure. You can see more information on GPS systems in the Gear section of this website. Geo caching is a sport which involves locating a cache by getting yourself to the correct latitude and longitude of where it is being kept. A cache is simply a box of random junk that people leave out in the woods. If you manage to find the cache you can leave something in there as well as take something with you. Every cache’s contents are different, yet from our personal experience you will find mostly random inexpensive toys that will amuse your for about an hour or so. Finding the cache’s is not the easiest thing, but great to accomplish while Night Hiking. We would advise good flashlights and headlamps while searching for the cache.

Another good idea of a game to play if your Night hiking with 4 or more people is the classic game of hide and seek. Assuming that you have two people that are familiar with the area, you can define various boundaries and then search for each other. This is a great way to learn tracking techniques, yet can be difficult if you lose the path. We would suggest the best time to do this is in the middle of winter, where tracking is much easier and makes the hiders think more when trying to hide.

Another good suggestion we recommend is if you are going to be around a field at night, a glow in the dark Frisbee is a great thing to bring with you. Most glow in the dark Frisbee’s you find at the drugstore are very insufficient because of the weight. For a professional style Frisbee with good light up abilities you should go to http://www.flashflight.com. These are some of the best night Frisbees we have seen.

Another good idea to do while Night hiking is to find a good location with a water way and follow it where ever it goes.

Some good times to go night hiking. After you have initially gotten comfortable with night hiking, we would like to recommend to you a few times that can be fun and create a challenge for you and your friends while night hiking.

One good time to go night hiking is the first blizzard or snow storm of the season, when no one is out driving and everyone would think you are crazy. This is a great time to challenge yourself.

Another good time is, assuming that there is no lightning, going out night hiking right before it rains is fun to get caught in. Getting deep in the woods, then trying to find your way out before the storm comes can be exhilarating. You don’t have to go looking for this time. Most likely if you go night hiking a lot you probably will experience something like this. Even when raining hard, the trees typically will pick most of the hard rain up and you won’t get considerably wet for a longer time than just standing in an open area.



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