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We are including personal stories for you to read and participate as well. We would like to encourage you to read our stories and feel free to comment on them and/or add your own. From here you can enter our forums where you must login to read the stories but also we will hope that you can contribute your own stories of hiking with us as well. Please feel free to make write them however you would like to. It doesn’t have to be an amazing story, just let us know about what happened on your experience. For now we are including this section which in the future will be obsolete, since the stories will all be posted on the forums. Please feel free to scroll the stories, if you want to add your own, please log into the forums.

Story from Krypto:

Sometime around the summer of ’99 is when it happened. The area around where we live used to be Indian Territory. Around this area, you can find a lot of old artifacts still in the ground. One site near where we live there is a lake with an island that hasn’t been inhabited much for quite some time. It was July 4th and we decided that we were going to hike the island. Most of our day consisted of finding boats for us to get across the lake. We did find a couple of blow up canoes from a shopping center near where we live and an old blow up raft with some holes from a buddy. We spent the rest of the day getting all geared up with everything from extra clothes to light sticks. We were pretty sure that being on the island was not allowed and didn’t want the houses surrounding the lake to notice us on the island. That night we found a good spot in a subdivision in a little harbor off the lakes side. There we blew up all the rafts, packed our hiking gear in plastic bags and headed out toward the island. It was about ½ mile from the shore line. The second we got into the borrowed raft though, it started sinking. The patch job that we had done had not been efficient enough or there was another hole we didn’t notice. We didn’t want this to hinder our evening so, I jumped in the water while the Bear started to get the leaking water out of the raft. As I pushed the raft I discovered that there was a walking sandbar that went from the shore all the way to the island. This was great, and a lot easier to push across. When we got to the island, we took form and headed out on our adventure. The island was pretty spooky put there was a good energy around us. At one time there was a house there because we stumbled, just up from the shore, upon the foundation on what used to be a house. Most likely the house was torn down from old age. There were some interesting cracks, or what appeared to be tunnels intruding into the foundations of the house, which we decided not to investigate but to continue on our adventure around the island. There is a trail mapped out for tours that goes around the island, so we started walking around it using only light sticks occasionally to make sure we were still on the path. Since the path was on the edge of the island, we didn’t have much trouble seeing where we were going. Then the path took a move towards the center and we followed once we made sure that it was still the correct path. What happened next I will never forget. Stories we had heard about the island being a Indian burial ground where known to us, but we were mostly on the lookout for some artifacts. Maybe a spearhead of some sort would have been nice. Since the island hadn’t been traveled much there was a lot of brush that grown in and as we headed more in to the island it got thicker, but despite that we ventured on. The bugs were getting a little bit frisky as we continued to move and brushing them aside was being a hassle. In the dark we noticed that the trail was leading to some marsh area, and considering the situation of being far away from land and our cars, we decided not to run amok. Someone motioned for me to turn on a flashlight so we could get our bearings. What we discovered was that we weren’t on the path anymore! Swarms of insects were all around us. I shined the light ahead of us and instead of a path was incredibly dense woods and a spiders nest with a huge spider with a yellow end that I had never seen before. Turning around was somewhat of the same situation and we became bewildered as to how we ended up where we were. We looked down and near our feet were two mounds that looked like burial sites. We got somewhat scarred, we had never been in this type of situation and decided to abandon the island. We looked to the edge of the island, found the shortest distance and just pushed our way through the dense woods and jumped in to the water which was about mid length height. We washed off the dead bugs and perspiration and relaxed for a minute and tried to make sense of what just happened as we headed around the island towards our rafts. We made it back alright, since we were one boat down, two of us had to swim the distance to make what was a very challenging the amazing experience. To this day we never have understood how we ended up so far off the trail. We like to think that the island was protecting itself from us, or that its spirit wanted to test our worth. Either way, that night was remembered forever, even as we did it again the next summer. But that’s another story…


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