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What do you do with your time? When you get together with friends, what sorts of activities do you like doing? Maybe you and your friends either go out to the bar, or decide to grab a sixer and hang out at your place. My suggestion to you. Why not go Night Hiking?

This is what we do...

What is Night Hiking?

Night hiking is in the simplest form, going hiking at night. It can best be described as an outdoor adventure that will enlighten your senses, get you exercise, and show you not just another activity, but a way of life.

You may have already experienced something like this before, and we recognize and acknowledge you for getting out there and going hiking. You will find in this website a lot of answers to your questions about night hiking. Hopefully we can answer them all for you and give you a better understanding of what it is we do. You wouldn’t have read this far in the website if you weren’t interested in hiking of any sort. So if you choose to read on and explore our world.

What is the Night Hiking concept?

Most people have gone hiking at some point or another. It is great to get outside, away from society and experience nature in its finest. There are many sights to be seen when you are in nature. We find that there is a big difference between hiking and night hiking. If you have not guessed yet, the biggest difference is that you are hiking at night! We are encouraging anyone that enjoys a little bit of an adventure, to get started today. Not everyone can understand the reasons why we night hike, but given the right attitude, anyone can learn. What we find in night hiking is a peaceful, very spiritual way to discover the limits of a person’s abilities. It can be very tranquil in the dark listening to the sounds of the forest. You have to believe that the more you do it, the more you will love it. You may ask yourself if night hiking is right for you. The answer is that as we hope all people could experience what we have. It is true that not everyone will enjoy this life style. We hope that by understanding a little more about it, you will give the idea a chance.



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